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Weavers are the Storytellers of Creation. They created each element of existence in the cosmos weave by minute weave, from the greatest of cosmic entities to the smallest microorganisms. Despite their power to create, they are not considered gods. They are greater than all gods, whether that deity likes the idea or not.

The Weavers are known by several unique names, all of which were given to them by Others Who Know (or Knew). Some Weavers also have titles that identify an element or aspect of that Weaver's most well-known weaves or something they otherwise did. There are more Weavers than the few that are mentioned. At least thirteen are known by name.


Dee Vee's portrait

Dee Vee

The Primordial, the narrator, and the One Who Knows. Dee Vee is the only Weaver who makes frequent contact with Others Who Know. As Its design inspired the creation of humanity, It takes on a more human appearance.

Keeper's portrait


Known best for their creation of the true Afterlife, the Keeper is considered one of the most competent and wisest of the Weavers.

It hasn't interacted with the Book in millions of years.

Symbiont's portrait


Infamous for its doings in the damned world of Pangaea, the Symbiont was called such after it merged with a dangerous being that should not exist, a playing card by the name of Spadille. It has a perfect humanoid form.

Dissenter's portrait


The most hated Weaver, the Dissenter's weaving brought the allignments of Darkness and Light, and Evil and Good, into existence.

It no longer weaves and is in exile.

Margin's portrait


Another Weaver who may occasionally take humanoid form, yet doesn't actively partake in any of its weaves, is the Margin. It is responsible for creating Dee Vee, the first Sapient Creation and born Weaver.

Suzerain of Vassal's portrait

Suzerain of Vassals

A famously young Weaver, the Suzerain of Vassals is responsible for several awry weaves due to its impatient desire to create. It desires to create like the Keeper and greatly admires them and their abilities.

Watcher's portrait


A meticulous Weaver, the Watcher created the above-world of Rejisea and the deity called the Ōversōl. Initially, it allowed its first weaves to know of its existence, which isn't taboo but something frowned upon.

Insurgent of Egos' portrait

Insurgent of Egos

Known for its outlandishly positive views on the abominations called Errors, the Insurgent of Egos created a meticulous experiment called the Void Nebula where three planets exist without a star.