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Watcher portrait.png
Watcher (created in Artbreeder)
General Information
Alias(es) Illiasmir
Other Information
Creation(s) Rejisea
Base(s) of Operation Rejisea
Relations Information
Relationship with Other Weavers Positive
Thoughts on Errors Negative
Meta Information
Appearances God Noise Vol. III

The Watcher, better known as Illiasmir, is an omnipresent entity that roams the Earth realm, Rejisea. It is an ageless, genderless, and sexless being that many have met but do not know what it is when they meet it. When it roams, it occasionally takes the form of a humanoid being that is different from a Faifethi or Indrahti. This form, while similar to both in overall appearance with two legs and two arms, is massive and seemingly faceless, as it wears a hood that hides its face from view. What is seen instead is a black abyss.

Those who have met Illiasmir in this form feel the need to cower in its presence. This is because it is an entity older than Time, unbound by the restrictions of Time, and helped create Time. It is the supreme creator of all beings within Rejisea and created the realm a mere 15,000 years ago.

Illiasmir makes sure its creations are following the Script, the outline of how existence functions and of the "stories" told within the realm. These stories are the lives of each and every "character", or person who lives within it.

Rules of creation

As Rejisea's creator, it has unsaid and strict properties that must be followed in the realm. All creations within Rejisea are bound by these rules and properties—save for two. These individuals are considered dangerous by Illiasmir, yet it cannot face them directly because of its fear of the unknown and their own impossible powers.

The last time it encountered one of them, something horrible happened that seeped this fear into its being.



While one may classify it as a "deity", Illiasmir is greater than one. It is an entity that even the gods fear. The Shinto and Hindu Pantheons along with the Ōversōl are also its creations, and they are, and were, aware of its existence. However, it does not bother the gods, as they are all part of the Script. Thusly, it made it possible for them to know about it at all.

Vadeen Wuan-Wasihl

In short, Illiasmir greatly dislikes Vadeen and considers him an archenemy even before he came into his true power, he was extremely powerful to a degree that made Illiasmir nervous.