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The Book.png
General Information
Created By Weavers
Type Universe
Parent Location The Book
Demonym Weave
Government Information
Ruler Weavers
Meta Information
Based On A book's contents

Paneidoverse is a universe—the universe—located within a space-time object called the Book. The Book is, ultimately, where all of Existence is held and ever will be held. The authors of this book are a collective of cosmic entities called Weavers, the Storytellers of Creation. Using something called weaves, they wove Creation into being. Seven elements form Creation in what beings within the Book call The Cosmic Septuple. Only a handful of beings know the universe's true name.

You, Reader, are a member of an unlucky few called Those Who Know. These individuals, ranging from eldritch beings of nightmares to the smallest child, are aware of the truth of Creation. All beings are characters, mere thoughts, brought to life. Not many know this truth...

Within Paneidoverse are several worlds: galaxies, solar and star systems, nebulae, stars, planets, inner dimensions, and realms. Explore them, Reader, and be wary as you traverse the Book's many wonders, undergo adventures, and observe the Paneidoverse from within.


Most worlds in Paneidoverse originate from or, in Aboveground's case, is Planet Earth, the most unusual planet in the entire universe. This strange, diverse planet is where the majority of events in the Paneidoverse occur, largely because of the history of the former planet, Pangaea, upon which Earth is based.

Pangaea was the original sandbox world for the Weavers at the time. Its erasure was a great blow to the Weavers' self-confidence, and they vowed to make Earth entirely different from the doomed Pangaea...