Those Who Know

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❝Everything ever known is a lie. Our lives mean nothing.❞

Those Who Know are a pseudo-network and group of individuals who are aware of the truth of Creation. They consist of everything from a force of nature to the most unobtrusive of mortal Misconstrues.

These unfortunate few do not have a hierarchy even if members consist of more powerful beings. They are considered equal to one another as they are, in the end, all "characters within a book".

As a network, they often keep tabs on one another when they can. Interestingly, this isn't as impossible as it sounds, as some Weavers themselves occasionally allow them to. Why this is remains a mystery to them and can cause them great distress and severe paranoia.

It isn't uncommon for Those Who Know to be Errors.

Those Who Know have only one agenda: to let others know the truth of all characters' existences.

Some Weavers, mainly those who do not actively weave, whisper among themselves that this and the fact that other Weavers allow them to do so is something they will regret in the future.

Notable Members


Hailing from the planet Verflecse within the Void Nebula, Four is a supersoldier who was unfortunate enough to have met someone from another planet, an unknown person, who was delirious from learning the Truth.

She killed them to spare them their mental torture. She is capable of handling the truth and keeps it to herself.

Four portrait
The Eggreguard member, Four
Rhasti Zafahr

A clever, methodical man, Rhasti Zafahr is the Faifethi leader of the Forløpere, a group of soldiers and civilians who live in the middle plane, Garwados, of the realm Rejisea.

He discovered the Toàn Scrolls with the help of `Yeayai Wasihl, a member of Faifethi royalty who knew the truth, along with the then-boy creature, Igni. The truth did not destroy their minds.

Rhasti's ultimate goal is to let all the people of his realm know the Truth of Existence.

Rhasti portrait
The mastermind, Rhasti

Ba'aalaniel was a dangerous, despicable angel/devil hybrid with a long-broken mind who came from Holy Earth. Later towards the end of his life, he learned the truth from the Devil, Lucifer, who was his uncle.

The truth broke him further, and he was given a mercy kill to end his suffering.

Ba'aalaniel portrait
The hybrid, Ba'aalaniel

Better known as the Devil, Lucifer is the current ruler of Inferno. While he may seem kind and aloof, there is a murderously conniving and dangerous side to him that has lasted millions of years since his Fall from Paradiso.

He innately knows the Truth of Existence from his creator, the Ragna religion's god, Jubileus. As a former angel of the Seraphim order, he is more than capable of handling the truth.

Lucifer portrait
The Devil
The Thirteen

The Thirteen are the thirteen damned souls left over from Pangaea, the first Planet Earth. All royal members of their former homeplanet knew the Truth of Existence, something as normal as everyday life for them.

After Pangaea's erasure and their eternal damnation thanks to the Weaver, the Symbiont, they are now all aware of the truth and couldn't care less about it.

The Thirteen icon.png
The icon of the Thirteen