The Thirteen

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The Thirteen is a group consisting of the thirteen damned individuals from the Suit, Die, Chess, and Domino Kingdoms that are the "surviving" victims of Phantasychosis. They are made of one king, four queens, and eight other champions, though they were all champions of a kind from their respective kingdoms. Qualities they share are the strange disappearances, or in the case of two, reappearances, of one of their eyes that becomes a large eye that appears on another part of their body or on something belonging to them. In place of this eye, which is always their left, their mark appears, which is a symbol that represents them, for instance, a red heart for the King of Hearts.

For the Others, their Eyes reappear as six in total, and their marks appear on the back of their hands. The Ace of Spades, as Spadille, is the only one whose left and right eyes disappear to show two marks in their place, and the two Eyes do not reappear on his body, but in the very air itself, if he so wishes it, or nowhere at all. This is only because he is the Death Card, or literally Death itself for his world.


Sometimes, something horrendous happens to a person, group of persons, or places. Sometimes, the event is so wretched it leaves a mark that haunts, even after death. Sometimes, that mark reaches beyond death, claims its victim, and then brings them back as one of the eternally damned. But when the victim returns, they are no longer their former self, not even a ghost of their former self. They are twisted, disturbed, cursed, and hungry, and they will never rest in their earthbound realm, not even after they are fully satiated with whatever filth they desire from their damnation.


King of Hearts

Hanivel, the King of Hearts, is the most powerful king card among the suites. He leads The Thirteen despite his designation as one of two people known to be "Mad". He is best known as the Suicide King for his act of jabbing a sword in his head...and keeping it there, sometimes.


The Jokers consist of two cards of black and red, known as Joker Blaque and Joker Rehde, respectfully. Their true names are Jank and Pippin. Jank is the other person known to be "Mad". Joker Cards are the most powerful cards by default. Fortunately, they are Neutral, meaning they do not belong to any suit.


Aces are made of four cards of four different suites. Sael is the Ace of Hearts, Alandau is the Ace of Spades, Bassel is the Ace of Clubs, and Gilran is the Ace of Diamonds. Of the four, the Ace of Spades can become the most powerful under his title Spadille, the Death Card.

Chess Queens

Chess Queens are the most powerful pieces within the chess kingdoms. Their power is equal among them, but their intelligence is not. Rayne is the Red Queen, Istonet is the White Queen, Jalei is the Black Queen, and Abelia is the Blue Queen.


The Others consist of a bone and a die, known as Blank Bone and Snake Eyes, respectively. They are lumped together due to their similarities with pips on their respective bodies as bones and die. Dangerous fellows, they are both quiet and often forgotten in conversations due to it.


The Thirteen are known in the waking world for their three attractions, Lost Fayre, Lost Cirque, and Cirque du Wunderlost. These attractions are actually when the Thirteen are searching for a meal. For children whose names they are familiar with, they siphon parts of their soul when those children enter their booths/participate in their attraction (etc.). For children whose names are new to them, the "first", they "take their time" eating their entire soul, having Spadille mark them before bringing them to Wundergrund, where they slowly consume the children's soul.

Each member of The Thirteen has a different role in each of these attractions, save for the Others, and the Lost Fayre and Lost Cirque are their most harmless (in the scope of things). Cirque du Wunderlost, however, is when they all reveal parts of their true selves, typically leaving people frightened yet mystified.