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Common name[[{{{practical name}}}]]
Arf invariant{{{arf invariant}}}
Braid length{{{braid length}}}
Braid no.{{{braid number}}}
Bridge no.{{{bridge number}}}
Crosscap no.{{{crosscap number}}}
Crossing no.{{{crossing number}}}
Hyperbolic volume{{{hyperbolic volume}}}
Linking no.{{{linking number}}}
Stick no.{{{stick number}}}
Tunnel no.{{{tunnel number}}}
Unknotting no.{{{unknotting number}}}
Conway notation{{{conway_notation}}}
A–B notation{{{ab_notation}}}
Dowker notation{{{dowker notation}}}
D-T name{{{d-t name}}}
Last /Next[[{{{last crossing}}} {{{last order}}} knot|{{{last crossing}}}{{{last order}}}]] / [[{{{last link}}} link|{{{last link}}}]] / [[{{{next crossing}}} {{{next order}}} knot|{{{next crossing}}}{{{next order}}}]][[{{{next link}}} link|{{{next link}}}]]