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The infobox can be used to display avian measurements. An infobox is placed below the taxobox. Here is a sample:


{{Infobox bird
| collapsible = yes
| state = collapsed
| pop1  = Northern population<ref>Birds of ...</ref>
| data1 = {{Infobox bird/population
 | unit     = mm
 | lengthm  = 100-200
 | lengthf  = 110-200
 | culmen   = 100
 | wing     = 100-200
 | tail     = 100-200
 | tarsus   = 100-200
 | wingspan = 1000-1200
| pop2  = Nominate
| data2 = {{Infobox bird/population
 | unit     = mm
 | massunit = g
 | lengthm  = 100-200
 | lengthf  = 120-200
 | culmenm  = 130-200
 | culmenf  = 100-200
 | wingm    = 140-200
 | wingf    = 100-200
 | tailm    = 150-200
 | tailf    = 100-200
 | tarsusm  = 150-200
 | tarsusf  = 100-200
 | weightm  = 10-20
 | weightf  = 15-25


General settings

Set =yes to make the box collapsible.
Determines the initial collapsed state of the infobox. Set =collapsed to put the box in collapsed state initially. Set =expanded to put the box in expanded state initially. Set =autocollapse to have the box's initial collapsed state be determined automatically based on the number of other templates in the article that also have the "collapsible" attribute. (Has no effect if collapsible is not used)

Bird specific

The infobox supports up to 4 populations or subspecies, each having its own pop and data parameter. The data parameter should be filled in with {{Infobox bird/population}} and its respective data.

Each {{Infobox bird/population}} should have the |unit= parameter filled in. Examples:

  • |unit=in (displays inches and millimetres)
  • |unit=mm (displays millimetres and inches)
  • |unit=cm (displays centimetres and inches)

The {{Infobox bird/population}} has several optional parameters, including all of the following:

  • |length=
  • |culmen=
  • |head= (bill-tip to back of skull)
  • |wing=
  • |wingspan=
  • |tail=
  • |tarsus=
  • |foot= (tarsus + longest toe used mainly for cranes and bustards}
  • |weight= (requires |massunit= to be used, which accepts "lb", "kg", "g", or "oz")

All of these parameters are designed to accept either a number or two numbers with a hyphen in the middle.


  • |length=30
  • |length=100-200
  • |weight=40|massunit=oz

If a measurement is gender-specific, you can specify the gender by adding "m" or "f" to the parameter name, as in |lengthm=.

Known issues

Supports only four sections. References cannot be added to specific measurements. The infobox should NEVER be nested within a transcluded template. The expansion depth is large, due to the nesting of {{convert}} and some string manipulators. If such a nested transclusion must be made, be sure not to include hyphenated ranges, as they will assuredly break.

You can make this template better!

That's right-- if you feel like improving the infobox, one place to start is by reducing the nested function calls in {{convert}}, or by creating a lightweight version for use with the infobox.