Story of Existence

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The Story of Existence is an oral myth that explains how all of Creation was created. Supposedly, it is as old as Time immemorial, passed down by a group of mysterious beings only known as Those Who Know.


For as long as Time can remember, there existed a group of storytellers. These being "weaved" various tales to tell one another, as each had their own stories to tell. They learned early in their weaving that the stories they wove came to life, and so they compiled the stories into "verses" where they could admire them within a book

After this, the storytellers structured their verses, giving names to every element, every weave, every thread. Before the storytellers were aware of it, they had weaved space and Time into existence.

This new element was not as easy to control as weaves were, and even the storytellers could only halt it if they so desired to alter their stories. They then learned that if they left their stories alone, the threads of time would create new weaves for that verse.

Thus was how the universe as it is known was weaved into existence.

Historical basis

The Story of Existence is thoroughly believed to be a fairytale, nothing possible. The Common Myth is more widely believed in its place, for instance, within the Reon System. Not many in the Reon System are aware of the myth. It could even be as few as some dozen throughout the entire system.

Most reasons why the story is considered or fairytale is because the idea of existing as characters in a story is terrifying to any sapient creature.