Spiritual Earth

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Spiritual Earth
General Information
Type Inner dimension
Parent Location Planet Earth
Official Languages Various
Species Humans
Currency Money
Population 6 bil.
Government Information
Ruler Unknown
Leader Unknown
Meta Information
Based On Earth

Spiritual Earth, colloquially called Spirath by many peoples, is an Other Ground rich with spiritual activity, though interestingly, most of the human population seems entirely unaware of it. It shares the Twice-Grounds' Heaven and Hell. It was created by the Weaver, Ōnen, the Ethereal Orator.

As its name suggests, the Ground is rich with phenomena of the "spiritual" nature, such as living souls, Earth-bound spirits, dead souls, shikigami, and so forth. These spiritual creatures and beings are mostly a natural creation involved with the Ground's specific attribute of the cycle of reincarnation. While on a vastly smaller scale, there is also a presence of Infernal Kin within Spiritual Earth.

The other properties of this Ground are otherwise similar to Aboveground in structure, with technological advancements nearly on par with those of the former despite the doings from the spiritual planes.