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The Solar system is a simple, one-layered planetary system located in the Milky Way galaxy. It contains a total of eight main planets, their satellites, hundreds of thousands of minor planets, several hundred dwarf planets, and several comets. Of all the planets, only one is known by humans to be inhabitable, Earth, the third planet from their star, Sun. It is the older sister system of its neighbor, Reon.

The Solar system is at least four billion years old, just roughly a billion years older than Reon but is smaller than it. The system has been visited numerous times by Reon creatures, particularly Vhemians on their quest to abduct more humans and the Kindren on their journey to learning more about their ancestors.


Human beings haven't traveled far in the Solar system. Physically, they have only landed on their moon which is also a subject of controversy of if it truly happened. With satellites and space rovers, they have explored their nearest and possibly inhabitable planet, Mars, in the hopes to inhabit it in the future. They are still in the process of learning if Mars once held life.

With telescopes, humans have seen as far as other stars, planetary systems, and galaxies. Despite their ability to see the Reon System, their closest planetary system, they cannot identify it for what it truly is—a star system with spacecraft activity and clearly inhabitable planets—because of an unidentifiable "barrier" hiding its attributes from view.