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The Reon system is a star system comprised of a large star, Photo, four inhabitable asters, their satellites, and numerous palls—uninhabitable spatial bodies. It resides within the Milky Way galaxy. It is a neighbor of the Solar System. While it is visible from planet Earth via devices such as the Hubble Telescope, it isn't named "Reon system" nor is it identifiable for what it truly is due to an unknown barrier protecting it from human eyes. Those of Earth who are not human, if they were to look through a telescope, could see Reon as it truly appears.

Reon is at least a billion years younger than its sister system, Solar, making it roughly three billion years old. It is larger than Solar in that it contains at least a million spatial bodies, however, 90% of them are palls as they are too far away from Photo to support life.

Unlike Solar, Reon is comprised of metaphysical layers as well as the "physical" void that is deep space. The other layers cannot be reached without traveling through what are called arteries. These layers exist as ways to create "pocket dimensions" and pathways akin to wormholes in the universe. Normal beings cannot exist in them for long periods of time. The only beings capable of using and existing in them for indefinite periods are Lucifer and Noctifer.



Arteries are the pathways created by Noctifers and Lucifers to travel throughout the universe. Lucifers and Noctifers are the only beings capable of creating them. They are akin to wormholes; they allow the being using them to travel over large expanses of deep space in minutes. When arteries are opened, they appear as portals with the associated Essence Force colors—purple and black for Darkness, white and gold for Light—of the being that opened them. For one to travel from place to place, they must know the destination and make the intention, verbally or mentally, to travel there.


The most common way to travel through the Reon system is via spacecraft. There are several different classes but they are overall reasonably priced and easy to access.


Nohmin are an aerial species capable of breaking through atmospheres and exist in deep space. They both exist as the "poor man's spacecraft" as well as an accessible method of travel outside of owning a ship or having to pass spacecraft security for public transportation.