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Know with Book
"Welcome, Reader. If you have stumbled upon these pages, you are ready, or at the very least willing, to learn the truth of your existence. The experience will not be easy, and you may suffer greatly, but such is the price to pay for this ultimate knowledge..."

Paneidoverse is the name of the fictitious universe we exist in. Or, to be more specific, it is the name of the universe as it truly is, not as it is believed to be. Those Who Know take it upon themselves to spread the horrible knowledge of the universe's truths, and by coming here, you have become an unfortunate member of these equally unfortunate few.

Who are Those Who Know ?

Those Who Know are a pseudo-network and group of individuals who are aware of the truth of Creation. They consist of everything from a force of nature to the most unobtrusive of mortal Misconstrues.

These unfortunate few do not have a hierarchy even if members consist of more powerful beings. They are considered equal to one another as they are, in the end, all characters within a book.

Their motto, crafted by a now-unknown One Who Knew, is:

"Everything ever known is a lie."

How do you, Reader, fit into this?

"Unfortunately, friend, you fit into this as yet another variant of One Who Knows. Except, instead of actively participating in the 'verse, as one does, you live entirely oblivious to your existence as a mere character. Hm. I do not know if that is fortunate...or foolish.
Here, in this magnificent archive and library, you will learn from Others Who Know of the goings-on within the 'verse as they happen, or shortly thereafter.
But be careful.
Don't trust everyone you speak to."

Meta: The Reader

Readers Who Know is an idea meant, or hoped, to be an experience one day. It's both a way to immerse into the Paneidoverse and to get insight into development and news straight from the source.

The Readers Who Know story is simple. You are aware of the truth of existence, having been told the truth by someone else who knew it, and try to live a normal life despite knowing that's impossible. You read the archives, through the library maintained by others who Know and keep up with news now and then. But your intention is to remain out of the impending war between creator and creation in the future...

As things are now, "Readers Who Know" is simply a moniker given to those who read and follow news and information about the Paneidoverse, be it through the encyclopedia on Campfire Explore, here, or Mar's Qarollverse server.

Until the day comes when Paneidoverse is an interactive software, the most that can be done is interaction through text...

Enjoy your time, Reader.