Elevated Land

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Elevated Land
General Information
Type Inner dimension
Parent Location Planet Earth
Official Languages Enochian
Species Elevates
Population Trillions
Government Information
Ruler Jubileus
Leader Michael
Meta Information
Based On Hades

Elevated Land is the highest Ground in Planet Earth. It is the paradise realm where "good souls" go after they have departed from their earthly bodies. A little-known fact is that it is also where naturally-existing beings live alongside those with divine permission. It consists of Three Spheres, or Domains, unlike the typical belief that there are at least seven.

The world ruler is Michael and the incarnate ruler is Jubileus.

Spheres of Paradiso

It is believed there are at least seven Spheres, or Domains, of Heaven by most humans. There is even a belief of two more domains, giving a total of nine to equal those of the Circles of Hell.

In actuality, there are as many domains as there are Spheres of Elevates, three.

3rd Sphere

This Sphere is where only divine entities and other gods can access. It is where God Herself resides.

2nd Sphere


1st Sphere

This Sphere is a unique location. Those who aren't necessarily dead can visit it. It is akin to an idea of achieving Nirvana; living souls ascend here when they are in such a spiritual state. They cannot visit the 2nd Sphere without divine permission.

This Sphere is the domain most think of when they imagine Heaven. Aside from being a beautiful land unlike anything a mortal can imagine, it is also separated into "regions" where those who follow different religions, pantheons, deities, or spiritualities eternally reside. The inhabitants can visit other regions with divine permission.

Separate from the regions of Paradiso, the land itself is home to beings that exist there naturally and others with divine permission. They live much like those from the other Grounds do.