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This is a roughly written roadmap for the plans (and musings) of the wiki. Mar wishes for this wiki to work as much like Wikipedia as possible (without having his mind spontaneously combust, as he is doing all of the coding by himself with help from the Miraheze crew). Thanks for understanding, and look through it as you wish!

Where to start

As of January 22, 2022, there are over 3.5k templates on the wiki. And there will be more to come, both ones made by myself and imported from elsewhere. I'm working to try and separate the ones I made from the ones I imported...but it's gonna be a task that will take likely the entire run of this wiki's lifespan to complete. While I hope my wiki lasts for a very long time, I hope it doesn't take anywhere near that long to finish this.


There are two versions of the wiki in appearance. Cosmos, which is similar to the one used by FANDOM, and the legacy Vector which was used by Wikipedia for some years. I personally prefer legacy Vector. I may even get rid of Cosmos in the future and force it so it can only be viewed in the latter theme.


The Homepage is looking very good, at the moment. It just needs the News box...somewhere. I'll either have to remove some elements or...make them smaller.... which I really don't want to do. But if I need to, I will.

The first picture below is what the page looked on the day after I made it. Not bad for a beginner. On the left is the what the page looks like as of the 22nd. Muuuch better for just 21 days later.

But it's not good enough. Again, it really needs that News box. Well, maybe not "need" but it certainly needs a better layout. Thing is, it'd probably look fine on a widescreen, but...with the layout I have now, it might not work for smaller screens or the Cosmos layout. Again, something I need to figure out.


The Namespaces have gotten larger in the past few days. As the wiki grows, I may have to move some links around and rename them. I hope not. Redirects are but so nice. In the meantime, a nice directory is needed somehow, especially if I go forward and make namespace portals for the subworlds. They would work like wiki/Aboveground/NAME OF ARTICLE ad nauseum. Not as bad as I thought as I look at it now. I think I'll do it. It may not be a bad idea at all.

"Top-Level" namespaces


I need to make a lot of categories...starting with the all the ones I mention on the Homepage, as seen below.


I'm thinking some categories could be List pages (List of ---) instead. Or, in other words, indices, which I can take inspiration from Wikipedia's indices area. The indices' own index will be under the Paneidoverse namespace, as mentioned before. That'll do.

An index that needs to be made is the one for the stories. List of stories. I should probably list some indexes here...


Articles which need things will be listed here. They'll start in alphabetical order and then will list according to the next time I list them, I guess.

  • Aboveground - Needs more information on it, but it looks good. Finally. Expand it. What makes it so different from the Other Grounds, for instance? checked box
  • Belief - Needs an index on the right side on the Topic of religion. Doesn't need a navbar named Religion in Paneidoverse...yet. I think? checked box
    • Also needs a link under the Religion header leading to the actual religion article. checked box
    • Might need a navbox in the future.
  • Character - Needs expanding, more information, on what constitutes a character, why they exist in Paneidoverse, their purpose (if any), and maybe some "prime" examples, sapient and sentient.
    • Might need a navbox in the future.
    • Problem is...I don't know what more to add to it...
  • Creation - Definitely needs an index on the right on the Topic of religion. checked box
    • Will also be part of the navbox Belief and Character will be under.
  • Dark Earth - Needs expanding on. What makes it different from the Other Grounds, Aboveground, and create a new article called Invasion of the 8th Sphere under the History header.
    • Also needs an image similar to Aboveground's but at the same time not the one that will be under the geographical-related header. checked box
  • Dee Vee - Needs some cleaning up, a navbox of the Weavers, and...likely a new fucking image, jeez. sorry, Dee, but your current one sucks.
  • Deity - This article is just sad. Needs cleanup and needs to be part of the Topic of religion.
  • Dissenter - Needs come cleaning up and a navbox of the Weavers.
  • Earth - Needs some cleaning up. Needs a navbox named Planet Earth.
  • Elevated Land - Needs cleaning up, more detail, and an image from Wikimedia Commons.
  • Error - Needs some oomph, more details, images, and a navbox, the same one Belief, Character, and Creation will be under.
  • Forces - Not sure how to work on this one other than that it needs more info and...maybe an index on the Topic of religion.
    • Am sure it also needs a navbox...the one Error, Belief, Character, and Creation will be under.
  • Galaxy - Needs an infobox and more oomph. Also, more information; there's a bit more to be had.
  • Hanivel - Is quite pathetic and needs an infobox for Wundergrund-related topics.
    • Naturally, it needs its own Wunder navbox, too.
  • Hierarchy of Deities - Very disappointing and needs at table with links to the articles. Also an index on the Topic of religion.
  • Hierarchy of Deities (series) - Well, it's a stub so.
  • Hobboilen - ...Yeah, so. It needs a helluva lot of work.
  • Human - Image, taxobox, and a navbox.
  • Infernal Ground - It is very barebones and needs some meat on it. Starting with an infobox, gods.
  • Inhuman - Not a bad article. Needs some cleanup, an image, and an infobox.
  • Paneidoverse - ...Work. It needs work. And a picture. Of some kind. Perhaps the Book?
  • Reon system - Not horrible, but it needs some cleanup, more info, navbox, infobox, and images.
  • Solar system - Horrible. You know the works.
  • Story of Existence - Another article under the Topic of religion and the same navbox Forces, Error, Belief, Character, and Creation will be under. Also needs some cleanup.
  • Superior of Diversion - Not wretched but bare. Needs an image and navbox.
  • The Thirteen - Also not a bad article. Needs some touching, an image, infobox, and navbox.
  • Verflecse - Has a lot of info but is lacking in appearance and some places are spotty. Navbox, infobox, image, and that should be it.
  • Watcher - Not horrible, but needs some cleanup and a navbox.
  • Wundergrund - Also not bad. Needs some touching, an image, infobox, and a navbox.

Articles looking okay-ish

They at least look complete.

Articles that cannot be expanded now

Articles that need to be made

The bigass list is bigass →


The templates continue to irritate me.

As said, there are over. 3.5k templates as of yesterday. Infuriating. That doesn't even include the ones that are mine (or that I modified). My plan is to delete several that I don't need or will not use, such as the many infoboxes that I imported from Wikipedia that are way too fucking specific for what I want or even need. The only templates I need, and will likely have to make myself, are the following.

Templates to modify (incomplete)