Mar Qaroll

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Mar Qaroll
Mar 2022.png
Born New Haven, CT
Nationality American
Occupation Storyteller
Years Active 2006 - Present
Notable Work

Mar Qaroll, also known as Mar W. Qaroll, is a storyteller, creative, and the creator of Paneidoverse. He prefers the designation of a storyteller in place of most others, such as writer or author.  


Born an "autumn baby", Mar was assigned female at birth and grew up in New Haven, CT. He was always creative, particularly with writing, as he could always be found scribbling with a pencil on a pad of paper even before he knew his native language. 

At around 10 years old, he took up writing as his constant pastime. He constantly wrote what he called "Daydream Saga Stories", which was what he called fanfiction before he knew of the term. These stories were often far more mature than his age group, and stories created around this time include the initial version of the Renegaged series.

In his teen years, he took writing far more seriously, hoping to be a professional novelist one day. He created several initial versions of stories during this time, such as The Boy That Bitched the Bat, the Inverse Sequences series, BasTARDed, Alice is Wunderlost, and Phantasychosis. He had also created his then-passion project, PhE, which was the catalyst for and predecessor of Paneidoverse.

In 2019, after many years of disappointment with his fanfiction, he made the decision to stop writing fanfiction and focus on a project he had named in 2013, Paneidoverse. He had no idea what it would be, but he eventually decided to take cues from PhE and remove the fanfiction elements from the latter to create the former as original work. 


Mar has several influences for different series within Paneidoverse. Paneidoverse itself is inspired by the experiences a creative may have while inventing original stories, such as "characters inventing themselves" and "stories writing themselves".