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Inhumans are non-human creatures specifically from Planet Earth. Unlike their counterparts, humans, they can be anything from sapient parasites to the Elevates (though many people who believe "all inhumans are evil" either continuously forget or blissfully ignore the fact that Elevates are also inhumans). For humans who are aware of inhumans, there is a significant fear of them. Several inhumans feed on humans, for instance, which often leads to the creation of inhuman hunters, those who hunt and kill inhumans.

Inhumans, like humans, do not have a verse of origin, as they were created by several Weavers who were inspired by Dee Vee's form and created the first several inhumans after Its form. These first inhumans include the Fae and Elevates. However, not all inhumans have humanoid forms.

Some Weavers are known to take inhuman forms to appear within their stories.



Technically the opposite of Elevates, Infernals are creatures born of Infernal Ground, or Hell, the last Ground of Earth. There are far too many to list, but they range from parasitic without sentience to humanoid with sapience.


Shifters are a type of inhuman who appear as perfect humans but can turn into an animal form. There is great debate among the shifter community of whether they are humans with an ability to shapeshift or simply inhumans with a base human appearance. Some arguments to the inhuman side include how they are an entire species. This is a powerful argument. Some arguments to the human side include how they revert to human form if they are unwillingly put into an unconscious state.

Well-known shifters include bears, wolves, big cats, specific avians (notably swans), and large sea mammals.


These inhumans are considered to be creatures of myth by the majority of humanity. There are only a handful who believe of them in comparison.


Elevates, also known as angels, are the light-based creatures of the Ground Paradiso. Created by the deity God, they are supremely powerful beings considered second to gods themselves. This power extends to full blood Devils as well.

There are three spheres, or levels, of Elevates with the lowest sphere consisting of the weaker sort. The lowest sphere also has an actual type of Elevate called Angels; how this name spread to encompass all the Elevates is a story lost to time.


Devils, also known as fallen, are fallen Elevates, or Elevates that were banished from their native realm Paradiso. They fell to Inferno where they arose as infernal-hybrid creatures that were eventually given the name devil. They did not retain any of their angelic features and are a completely different breed from Infernals. This means they are not genetically compatible with them—or, rather, are not naturally compatible with them.


Fae are naturally-magical creatures that originate from several Grounds. Each Ground has its own species' ruler, the most notable being the Faerie Court. There are a wide variety of fae, and they are notable as mischievous, dangerous, powerful, and kind all at once.


Gobblyns are a Dark-aligned variant and cousin to the Elves. They are known for their mischievousness that is often questionable in nature. They can be identified by their yellow eyes and long, horse-esque tails. Their ears are also longer than those of an elf.


Faeries are a Light-aligned fae and one of the most famous. They are never aligned with Darkness and seemingly cannot be. Contrary to popular belief, there are different varieties of faeries such as water-based faeries with mereth features.

An otherkind counterpart of theirs appears to be the Leifey of the Reon System.