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Every creative knows innately that they are the god, the manipulator, of their stories.

What so few know is that all of creation is a story born from the minds of several mere storytellers.

As it has been told, every deity has another that created them, but these storytellers are even greater than the deities. Those who know the truth of their existence cower, resign themselves to the Script. But there are some individuals born from the passage of Time, and they are the rebels, the defilers of the Book.

Those Who Know will watch in awe and fear when those beings and their deities clash in the battle that will redefine the meaning of Creation.

Paneidoverse is a low science-fantasy series and universe created by Mar Qaroll, a storyteller who invented all the worlds and tales within.
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Those Who Know
Those Who Know
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Weavers are the Storytellers of Creation. They created each element of existence in the cosmos weave by minute weave, from the greatest of cosmic entities to the smallest microorganisms. Despite their power to create, they are not considered gods. They are greater than all gods, whether that deity likes the idea or not.

The Weavers are known by several unique names, all of which were given to them by Others Who Know (or Knew). Some Weavers also have titles that identify an element or aspect of that Weaver's most well-known weaves or something they otherwise did. There are more Weavers than the few that are mentioned. (more...)
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Those Who Know are a pseudo-network and group of individuals who are aware of the truth of Creation. They consist of everything from a force of nature to the most unobtrusive of mortal Misconstrues.

These unfortunate few do not have a hierarchy even if members consist of more powerful beings. They are considered equal to one another as they are, in the end, all "characters within a book".

As a network, they often keep tabs on one another when they can. Interestingly, this isn't as impossible as it sounds, as some Weavers themselves occasionally allow them to. Why this is remains a mystery to them and can cause them great distress and severe paranoia. (more...)
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