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Hobboilen portrait.png
Hobboilen (created in Artbreeder)
General Information
  • Hobb (family only)
  • Grinn King
  • Hobboilen O'Ween
  • Hobbes (human alias)
Race Hybrid (Mahre, Hallow)
Age Over 100mil
Gender Masculine-leaning
Sex Hermaphrodite
Height 6'6
Hair None
Unusual Feature(s) Orange eyes (human form)
Homeworld Hallowed Ground
Professional Statuses
Occupation(s) "Family man"
Position(s) World ruler
Previous Position(s) Prince
Weapon(s) None
Fighting Style(s) Brutal, swift, playful, torturous
  • Fear
  • Time manipulation
  • Warping of space and Time
  • Psychic
  • Several more
Essence Alliance Darkness
Base(s) of Operation Dark Earth
Former Base(s) Hallowed Ground
Personal Information
Status(es) Alive
Spouse(s) Dthanthomien (mate)
Meta Information
Origin The Nightmare of Hallowe'en
Series Tales of the Dark Children
Appearances Inhuman chpt. 4

Hobboilen, the First Child of Hallowe'en and Nigh Mähre, is the Error of Hallowed Ground. He is the oldest Error in canon history at over a hundred million years old. He is mated to the twisted hybrid Dthanthomien, and together they have several hundred children.

Hobboilen is a genderless entity that is typically given male pronouns or the designation "it". Truthfully, he doesn't care what anyone addresses him as—or so it seems. He is one of the few most unpredictable and dangerous of the Errors. He is also the only Error that is the ruler of an entire Ground. He is the ruler of his homeworld, Hallowed Ground, whereas his father is the incarnate ruler.

A true "neutral evil", he is often a dangerously playful entity who does what he wants depending on the situation. He often lets things play out without getting directly involved, be they detrimental to the forces of Good or not.


In his true form, Hobboilen doesn't have a definable appearance. In his humanoid form, he takes the appearance of a slender, 6'6'' tall man with pallid white skin and a bald head. While his eyes are not actually pitch black, lacking all definitions, that is his typical appearance. They are beady and unnerving in this form. Occasionally, they will change to their truer form, which is single eye sockets with two orange and black irises.

Outside of his humanoid form, his most common form is that of a skinny, tall black creature with two pointed legs and a white head. In this form, he is known as the Grinn King, as there is a massive, uncanny, needle-thin black-teeth smile on his face that is the only feature it possesses.