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Hanivel, full title Hanivel the King of Hearts, is the former ruler of Victorrent. He is the most powerful of the four kings of the suits but went horribly mad and jabbed a sword into his head. He is one of two beings in Wundergrund "honored" to be given the designation Mad. He has a strange and bad habit of trying to stab himself in the head with any sharp, pointy object, which earned him the title of Suicide King, amongst other things.

Regardless of the existence of the Jokers, he is treated as the most powerful card in existence; the Ace of Spades can only just match his power (prior to the designation of Spadille). He is the sole king among The Thirteen, and thus commands them, despite his mental status. At his most dangerous, he is a conniving and sly monarch who only seldom needs a prompt to kill someone, anyone save his wife, with said sharp, pointy objects.

During Lost Fayre, Hanivel has the Master Court section where he performs various impressive strongman acts. Later, his final acts are various escapist performances.

During Lost Cirque and Cirque du Wunderlost, he has the most important role as Ringmaster, a role he takes surprisingly seriously. He orchestrates the performances and announces what comes next. Rarely does he ever go Mad while performing this role.


Hanivel stands at moderate height, 5'9'', and is perfectly content with being among the shortest of the Thirteen. As a Hearts Card, he has flaming red hair. He keeps it long, at least to his shoulders, and sports a full beard and mouthstashe. His eyes are red in color, bordering more on the grey side.

Hanivel is of average weight, but he is stronger and capable of feats no "average" person should be capable of. For instance, like all the other Thirteen, he is extremely strong despite his apparent lack of muscles.

His Eye typically appears below his Socket, his other eye, on his back, his forehead, or where his heart should be.

Personal information

Powers and abilities

Hanivel can pull sharp objects out of nowhere and kill or injure people if he embeds them in parts of his body.

He can also create swords from nothing and command them—literally. Depending on how Mad he is, they get confused, sometimes. He most commonly commands them to impale people.



Doe was Hanivel's wife and Queen. He adores her and finds her antics "wonderful" and either echoes her thoughts or lets her do whatever she wants without interruption, often doing something completely different on the side.


Alandau and Hanivel get along as well as any Aces and King should. When Alandau becomes Spadille, however, Hanivel's demeanor becomes somewhat—just *somewhat*—more cautious. It seems to be instinctive more than something the poor king is even aware he does.