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Belief, also known as faith, is a unique ability native to Planet Earth. It allows people to obtain, use, and even bestow power depending on the deity or divine they hold as sacred. The ability is reliant on how strongly the person believes in the deity or belief itself. It is somewhat similar to the Essence Forces in that one is born into a faith, but that doesn't designate what the course of their life will take.

Every person is born into a faith, no matter their (eventual) personal convictions. This stems from their ancestral creation according to whatever part of the world or creation myth they belong to. However, it becomes more complicated when bloodlines mix.

For example, someone native to Egypt, with Egyptian ancestry, would belong to the Kemetism faith unless they eventually converted to another religion (or faith). Then they would belong to that religion/faith and have to abide by its tenants. When one is part of multiple creation myths, the one they are most attuned to, whether they are aware of it or not, is the one that will determine what Afterlife Ground they will end up in, for example.

Despite the fact most humans believe in faith, a divine, or a deity, they are mostly unaware of the power of belief. Those who are aware try to keep it as secretive as possible due to how out of control the abilit(ies) can become if they end up in the wrong hands, no matter which Essence Force one is aligned with.

Common powers

  • A lesser-known ability associated with the power of belief is that of elemental powers. For instance, one can believe in the God of Fire and thus be given the ability to manipulate and/or manifest fire.
  • No matter what anyone calls it, magic is an ability that is obtainable through the power of belief. This can give one the ability to create levitating platforms, levitate, create healing incantations, and so forth.
    • Depending on the divine or deity or pantheon one is associated with, one may have different Essences of magic.

Essence of Light

Through belief in divines and deities associated with the Force of Light, followers can obtain the ability to bless something, from items to even water. Living beings can also be blessed.

Essence of Darkness

Through belief in divines and deities associated with the Force of Darkness, followers can obtain the ability to curse something, from inanimate objects to living beings.

Substances and Items

Holy water

Holy water is a commonly used substance against the forces of Darkness. It can also be used as an irritant or to certain Dark-aligned creatures such as some hallows, notably nosferatu.

Consecrated and cursed items

Through blessing, one can consecrate items such as weapons and use them against Darkness. Through cursing, one can make an item dangerous to touch and instead inflict various afflictions from hauntings to illnesses.


Main article: Religion

Religion is a social-cultural system that exists throughout the universe. It relies on the power of belief, the mysterious power that gives those who follow certain followings of divines, deities, and entities literal abilities depending on how much they believe in that being. It is also somewhat similar to the Essence Forces in that one can be born into a religion but that doesn't define the course of their life.

Religion, along with belief, is the chief element that leads one to either Paradiso or Inferno. Which spatial denomination within Paradiso one ends up in is also reliant on religion and belief.

The religious truth

Religion only exists to keep a balance of power among the divines and deities. Gods innately know they cannot exist without the power of belief, lest they become warped, monstrous versions of themselves. As nearly each "major" pantheon has a people, it was agreed through a sort of "contract" that they would allow their followers to believe in them or to choose another pantheon to believe in. Despite the fact that it was unanimously agreed upon, not every pantheon or deity was happy to agree. This led to some pantheons hating each other, for some reason or another.

Ultimately, this means religions exist because the different pantheons and divines need their people and followers to believe in them, lest they lose themselves to madness.

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