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Insurgent of Egos
Insurgent of Egos portrait.png
Insurgent of Egos (created in Artbreeder)
General Information
Alias(es) Ego
Other Information
Creation(s) Void Nebula
Base(s) of Operation Void Nebula
Relations Information
Relationship with Other Weavers Negative
Thoughts on Errors Positive
Meta Information
Appearances N/A

The Insurgent of Egos, better known as Ego, is a strange being that wanders Void Nebula's planets. No one can see it nor are they aware when they have come into contact with it unless they are certain types of beings and those who are around them at the time of contact. When it traverses Verflecse, Celaine, Nigera-Terra, and Sarayrim, it may take the appearance of a simple hooded figure wearing a long black tunic, too long to see its feet—if it has any. When it moves, it appears to hover over the ground instead of lifting feet to move. Otherwise, it has two arms and a single head like its creations.

It created the Void Nebula and all satellites and planets within as an experiment to see what would happen if humans from Planet Earth were transferred into such unusual environments.

Its intention behind creating Verflecse was to create a duality between the Essence Forces and good and evil within the universe. Instead of focusing on the Forces, It wished to see what would happen if it eliminated the reliance on them. From this came an earthlike world without any Essence or elemental powers but an overwhelming division between the forces of good and evil.

Thoughts on Errors

Ego is one of the few Weavers who are fascinated by Errors, another of mention being Asogir. Ego believes it is their responsibility as Weavers to cultivate a good relationship with these anomalous beings who, perhaps much like them, simply came into existence (though "existence" was not yet a concept before they created it).

While Ego hasn't directly interacted with any of its Errors, partly out of eager anxiousness, partly out of cautious fear, it is protective of them.



Ego is aware several other Weavers find their world, Verflecse, to be a sort of abomination and is very protective of it. It otherwise doesn't care to interact with most of the other Weavers due to the way they treat its world and ideologies.