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General Information
Type Planet
Parent Location Solar System
Demonym Earthling
Currency Money
Area 3,958.8 mi
Government Information
Form of Government Various
Ruler N/A
Meta Information
Based On Earth

Earth is a planet located in the Solar System within the Milky Way galaxy. It does not belong to a single verse but many; far too many to count. It can be considered the central location within Paneidoverse, as most events happen in, near, or on some part of the planet.

It exists as the first, original, and only known planet where humans naturally exist. It is where they all, at some point in Time, originate from. In the Solar System, it is the only planet humans can easily inhabit. It is also both the most infamous and famous world in the universe.

Earth has the most unique properties of any other known world. Though it exists as a single body within outer space, within it exists inter-dimensional planes that are large enough to be considered their own planets. These planes are called Grounds. There are at least fifteen worlds within Earth, including Grounds and other realms such as Rejisea.

Unlike other spatial bodies in space, Earth doesn't have a singular incarnate. Each of the Grounds has its own incarnates, as do some realms; if not incarnates, the Grounds and realms have ruling deities, whether they are known to the world's inhabitants or not.

Earth is currently in its 21st century, as agreed upon by the vast majority of its human inhabitants. Worldwide, humans commonly follow the Gregorian calendar, giving Earth the designated year 20XX CE, or SEE, Standard Earth Era.

As it is the first earth-like world, created by the Weaver known as the Keeper, other such worlds are in some way or form similar to it after the other Weavers based their worlds' ideas upon it. Earth has at least ten known Grounds.


Earth was created roughly 4.5 billion years ago shortly after the formation of the Solar System. Before it was a planet called Pangaea, the first inhabitable planet within the system that was the basis for Earth itself.

After the failure of Pangaea, the Weavers initiated the first and only Reset in the known existence. They successfully recreated Pangaea as Earth, and its history was rewritten up to the point before humans were brought into existence by their respective deities.


Grounds are other planes that exist as additional "planets" within Earth complete with their own unique properties. There are also different types of Grounds that exist as "copies" of existing Grounds, including Earth itself. This phenomenon only exists on this planet within the entire Paneidoverse.

There is an estimated total of nineteen known Grounds within Earth, not counting Aboveground, with possibly more due to the secretive nature of their existence to the majority of Aboveground’s main inhabitants (humans).

All Ground types

There are only four known types of Grounds: Base Grounds, Other Grounds, Twice-Grounds, and the False Grounds, or more properly, Grunds. Though they are classified as Simple Grounds, two Grounds nicknamed "'Afterlife Grounds"'.

Base Grounds

Base Grounds are the other base layers of planes that exist within Earth. The most well-known Grounds of Earth are the "Afterlife" Grounds, Elevated Land and Infernal Ground.


Twice-Grounds are the copies of the Afterlife Grounds, Elevated Land and Infernal Ground, for Other Grounds. Some Other Grounds do share Aboveground’s Grounds. Examples are Upper World and Lower World, the Heaven and Hell of Spiritual Earth, respectively.

Other Grounds

Other Grounds are copies of Aboveground, the "true" Earth. The way it is believed is at some point in history, events in Aboveground deviated into "inner dimensions" that became the Other Grounds. In this way, landmasses, languages, and even several histories are exactly the same as or slightly changed in comparison to Aboveground’s.

False Grounds

False Grounds, properly called Grunds, are planes within Earth created through unnatural means. In many cases, they have some ties with Errors. These worlds are greatly despised and feared by Earth’s inhabitants that know of them. Thus far, there are only two Grunds, Wundergrund, and Carnigrund.

Grounds in brief

Elevated Land

Paradiso is the "first" Ground if one were looking at the Grounds from a "top-to-bottom" perspective. It is nicknamed an Afterlife Ground in that it is a plane of existence one is sent to depending on certain criteria after they die. The set criteria is that one must be a "good soul", but that is not the only way to exist within the realm.


Aboveground is the first true Ground and exists as the "surface" dimension, the one that is always associated with Earth. It is the only world that the Ancients made forbidden for inhumans to directly influence and change.

In more modern times, it has become a toxic world for many types of inhumans.

Dark Earth

Dark Earth is the first Other Ground, or earthly plane that geographically mirrors that of Aboveground. It gains its name from the fact that it is very closely tied to the Afterlife Ground, Inferno.

Spiritual Earth

Spiritual Earth gains its name from the emphasis on supernatural, paranormal, and spiritual phenomena that occurs commonly in the world.

It is also the only Ground with what is called a Twice-Ground connection, a link to unique afterlife realms that are different from Paradiso and Inferno.

Hallowed Ground

Hallowed Ground is the third to last Ground of Earth, putting it close to Inferno. It is the home of the Hallows, a powerful race of creatures naturally bred in darkness. Its incarnate, Samhain, has physically disappeared.

Deep Ground

Deep Ground is the second to last Ground of Earth, putting it right beside Inferno. Despite this, it is a dark, wispy world seldom spoken of because of how overall peaceful and unobtrusive its native inhabitants, Mahres, are.

Its incarnate ruler, Noctmære, mated with Samhain to create the Children of Hallowe'en—and, unintentionally, the Error Hobboilen.

Infernal Ground

Most commonly known as Hell, Inferno, also called Infernal Ground, is the last Ground of Earth from the top-to-bottom perspective.

It is also an Afterlife Ground in that it is a plane of existence one is sent to depending on certain criteria after ones dies. The set criteria are that one must have committed great evil or been an "evil person", but that is not the only way to exist within the realm.