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Dissenter portrait.png
Dissenter (created in Artbreeder)
General Information
Alias(es) The Outcast
Other Information
Creation(s) Good and Evil
Base(s) of Operation Anticosmis
Relations Information
Relationship with Other Weavers Negative
Thoughts on Errors Neutral
Meta Information
Appearances N/A

The Dissenter is an omnipotent entity that brought the eternal Essence Forces into existence, inadvertently creating a ripple effect across the verses that created Good and Evil. They are one of the more experienced Weavers, though they are not unanimously respected by all of their fellow Weavers for creating chaos within several verses.


The Dissenter is similar to the Keeper in that they are quiet, calm, and prefer to be left alone. They are especially so because their fellow Weavers do not hold them in high esteem for creating Good and Evil and, somehow, inadvertently letting it spread through their verses. They find these elements and aspects fascinating, yet refuse to weave anymore in fear of creating more chaos.


As a Weaver, the Dissenter has demonstrated the ability to control and create threads of existence. Such examples include the Essence Forces, Light, Gloam (or Between), and Darkness, and the aspects Good and Evil.

Another notable weave is the Reon system, famed for its planet Cassareon, which is a prime example of the chaos brought upon by the existence of the Essence Forces and Good and Evil.