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Put simply, deities are beings capable of creating life. Generally, the term "deity" encompasses Primordials, Ancients, and Gods, and, in some cases, demigods. Despite the typical designation, Weavers are anything but deities. Deities are specifically created in two ways: By birth, either sexual reproduction or creatio ex nihilo (as in Gods creating other Gods from nothing), or Ancients, beings above them on the Hierarchy of Deities, created them.

Unlike Weavers, deities are well-known, and their creations willingly believe in their majority. Only Ancients, however, are aware of the existence of Primordials. Gods may have some idea if they are even aware of the possibility, as some truly believe they are the highest of all beings.

Every deity can be aware of another's presence. They exist within the same unique "astral plane" of existence where they can call upon other gods and demigods for communication. Only god-like beings can access this plane.

Common entities

The most well-known entities that are aspects of existence are Life, Spirit, Death, Sleep, Love, Hate, Light, Darkness, Time, Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. Lesser known or mentioned aspects include Gloam. The only aspect never mentioned in most to all pantheons is the aspect of the Unknown which, while considered an Ancient, is not like the others.

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