Dee Vee

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Dee Vee
Dee Vee portrait.png
Dee Vee (created in Artbreeder)
General Information
  • The One Who Knows
  • Sir Vee
Assumed Gender Masculine
Other Information
Creation(s) None
Affiliation(s) Those Who Know
Base(s) of Operation Paneidoverse
Relations Information
Relationship with Other Weavers Neutral
Thoughts on Errors Neutral
Meta Information
Appearances God Noise Vol. III
Inspiration(s) A mascot

Dee Vee is a unique creation in Paneidoverse. It is a Weaver unintentionally created by another, the Margin. In the way it was created, it is the only of its kind. Like all Weavers, it is genderless and sexless, but it may take an androgynous appearance within the Book and other verses with the preferred pronoun "it". Despite this, it is also known as Sir Vee and may be seen with a small mouthstache.

It is better known as The One Who Knows, an omnipresent entity that traverses the verses and chronicles or "tells the story" of a verse to the Readers Who Know.

Dee Vee does "exist" within verses, as it "interacts" with Those Who Know when they acknowledge it, but it is not considered a character. It is merely The One Who Knows, the collective storyteller of the verses. No one, not even the eldest Error, Hobboilen, has ever directly interacted with it. Thus, it is only theorized that Dee Vee collects certain verses to collect within a sort of library...


Dee Vee, more often than not, wears a simple white mask and a long, hooded violet robe. Its appearance, physically, comes in two ways: both impossibly tall and the same size as the being it appears to.

When it speaks, it is said to have a voice that is "harsh, yet calm, loud, yet soft, and terrible, yet kind"


Created by the Margin, Dee Vee came into creation by complete accident. Margin merely attempted to create a weave with sapience, and from that attempt came Dee Vee. In this regard, it is the first sapient creation of the Weavers and, despite its status as a Weaver, is also considered one of the Primordials of existence as the First Individual.