Dark Earth

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Dark Earth
The Seven Continents of Dærth
The seven continents of Dark Earth
General Information
Created By Superior of Diversion
Type Inner dimension
Parent Location Planet Earth
Races Various
Ethnic Groups Various
Demonym Dærthian
Currency Various
Population 5bil
Government Information
Form of Government Various
Meta Information
Appearances Inhuman, chpt. 1

Dark Earth, commonly colloquialized as Dærth by several peoples, is considered a dark Ground overrun with Infernal Kin, demonic creatures, and other inhumans. It is specifically an Other Ground.

True to its name, Dærth is a dark, brooding world rampant with paranormal and supernatural activity that occurs on a day-to-day basis. The properties of this Ground aren't too unlike Aboveground's, if not unusual and perhaps considered "old-fashioned" in comparison. It shares Grounds with Aboveground and portals to and from Paradiso and Inferno are frequent.

The general human population of Dærth adheres to this belief: Humans should not and will not interfere with the natural environment in any way that pollutes, dilutes, or damages it. Because of this, there are several mixes of technologies in use that are unanimously agreed upon by the countries' governments. Depending on the size of the human settlement, different technologies may be used.


See also: Invasion of the 8th Sphere

Over two thousand years ago, the world of Dark Earth was invaded by denizens of Inferno from the 8th Sphere. Led by a Devil, Mammon, Dark Earth was close to its complete assimilation by Infernals. This is called the Invasion of the 8th Sphere. Humans from all walks of life came together in an attempt to defeat this overwhelming evil, waging war against the 8th Sphere. Because of this unity between humans during the war, human history is drastically different from Aboveground's, namely the names of places and important historical events that never occurred.


Geographically, Dark Earth is exactly like Aboveground. It consists of seven continents shaped from Pangea but has a somewhat larger amount of countries overall. Most of these additional countries are from what on Aboveground would be North America. Landmarks make up the greatest amount of differences such as volcanoes and mountains, and likewise for the underwater terrains.

Weather-wise, it also consists of the same patterns with minor variations.


Flora and fauna

There are some variations of plants and animals in comparison to Aboveground due to Inferno's influence. Not all are necessarily Infernal in nature.

Natural resources

The most impressive unknowingly Infernal natural resource on Dark Earth is what is called bloodstone, not to be confused with heliotrope.

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