Superior of Diversion

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Superior of Diversion
General Information
Alias(es) Asogir
Assumed Gender Masculine
Other Information
Creation(s) Dark Earth
Base(s) of Operation Dark Earth
Relations Information
Relationship with Other Weavers Negative
Thoughts on Errors Positive
Meta Information
Inspiration(s) Video games

The Superior of Diversion, better known as Asogir, is an omnipotent entity that created the Dark Earth of Planet Earth, which is based upon the Aboveground world the entity known as the Keeper created. He permits others to address him by masculine pronouns.


Inspired by the dominant species of his verse, devils, Asogir takes upon a demonic appearance that is nearly if not even with Ōnen's in height. He has large, curled horns that protrude from just above his temples, a hard exoskeleton blackish-blue in color with horns protruding from his shoulders, the sides of his head, and large wings that are draconian-insectoid in appearance. His eyes are black, wide, and reptilian, and his mouth isn't visible. He sports a total of four clawed arms and digitigrade legs with hooves. Lastly, he sports a long, spaded tail with horns down its length.


An individual of intelligence, Asogir values knowledge and thus does not mind the existence of any weave that should not be. He finds them most interesting and berates other Weavers who despise their Errors, let alone kill them. He is almost defensive of his Errors because of this.

As evident from his appearance, he has a deep interest in the Infernal Kin and even more so in their offspring with mixed blood.