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Inspiration Deities of Earth

Ancients are a collective of entities that make up aspects of existence. Residing above Gods on the Hierarchy of Deities, every Ancient has more than one form, or incarnate, known to different pantheons if that pantheon has an entity they are an aspect of. For instance, the Abrahamic religions do not have any deities aside from one (an Ancient) and thus there are no gods in that "union".

An Ancient can be killed by any creature powerful enough to kill them. However, if one were to die it would destroy the natural balance of a verse and/or system and/or galaxy and likely cause it to collapse. Ancients can also put themselves out of existence if they so wish, but their conscious being still exists as other parts of them still "live on" in the form of other incarnations. Examples of two such Ancients that are no longer in physical existence are Samhain, the Incarnate of Hallowed Ground, and Brahmā, the aspect of Creation in Hinduism.

Types of Ancients

There are various Ancients known throughout Paneidoverse. However, they are contained to the pantheon, verse, system, or galaxy they belong to or all the above; if they were to try to leave their homeworld, they would not be able to. Something will repel them until it begins to injure them.

World Incarnates

World Incarnate Ancients are those that are the living manifestations of worlds. Without them, the gods, deities, divines, or even inhabitants of that world will not be able to do anything or even exist there. These Ancients are not aspects of anything but what their world is. They can shed their physical forms and remain within their worlds, but they often stay in their physical form. Notable incarnates include Jubileus of Elevated Land and Samhain of Hallowed Ground, both of which are inner dimensions that reside in Planet Earth.

Earth itself has an incarnate but its name is never spoken.

Aspect Ancients

Aspect Ancients are the most common Ancients and the variation most are referring to when they say "Ancient". They are living manifestations of aspects in existence, such as Life, Death, Creation, Destruction, and so forth.

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