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General Information
Created By Keeper
Type Inner dimension
Parent Location Planet Earth
Official Languages Various
Capital Geneva
Species Humans
Races Vatrious
Ethnic Groups Various
Demonym Earthling
Currency Money
Population 7.888 bil
Government Information
Form of Government Various
Ruler Aegir
Meta Information
Based On Earth

Aboveground is the "surface" world upon planet Earth, is the first Ground, or inner dimensional plane, and the only world in which creatures of the Grounds are given strict, mutually-acknowledged rules. All Other Grounds are based upon Aboveground.

As it is the "true" Earth Ground, it is considered largely prohibited by the first ancient rulers of the Grounds. Those from the Grounds with unrestrained access to Aboveground are the rulers of the Grounds and their children. Because of this, all inhuman species that do live here are bound by a rule to never let their identity become known outside of familial ties or in the case of future human mates.

The world, in more recent times, has been designated as "toxic" to several inhumans, making it difficult for Ground species to live here for long periods of time.

Abducted humans were brought from here to Cassareon over the millennia and have been the cause of several extraterrestrial conspiracies.

It is currently in its 21st Century, in modern Gregorian calendar years.

Life and resources

Flora and fauna

Almost 90% of Aboveground is densely populated by human beings that are blissfully unaware of the existence of the Grounds, most inhuman species, let alone life on other planets. Not many humans have inhuman ancestors.

Natural resources

Aboveground has a rich pool of resources ranging from fossil fuels from the dinosaurs that once lived on it and water. Water in particular is a valuable resource; the world is approximately 71% comprised of it. Whether humans understand how valuable water is can and has been debated by otherkind.

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