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Readers Who Know: The Paneidoverse Encyclopedia is an encyclopedia (also called a "wiki") and database that details the worldbuilding project created by Mar Qaroll, Paneidoverse. At the moment, it can't have any other contributors but Mar himself, but it is his hope that changes in the future as Paneidoverse's support and fanbase grows. The reason for this exclusion is due to how unknown Paneidoverse is to the general public.


What is Paneidoverse?

Paneidoverse is the name of the fictitious universe we exist in. Or, to be more specific, it is the name of the universe as it truly is, not as it is believed to be, in story and conworld form. Those Who Know take it upon themselves to spread the horrible knowledge of the universe's truths, and by coming here, you have become an unfortunate member of these equally unfortunate few.

Created from the words "kaleidoscope" and "pan", as in all, it is the all-encompassing end for several stories and worlds. Created in-universe by several mere storytellers, it is where all of Creation exists in eternal motion caused by the formation of Time, an element so powerful even its creators cannot fully control it. As told by The One Who Knows, an omnipresent narrator, this self-aware universe is on the brink of a devastating war that will redefine the meaning of Creation.

The Paneidoverse is a creative universe project invented by the storyteller, Mar Qaroll, also known as Mar W. Qaroll, in 2006. It consists of over 10 worlds and 30 original stories that can be read in their own individual series but truly come together through the narration of Dee Vee in Paneidoverse.

Who owns Paneidoverse?

Paneidoverse is owned by Mar Qaroll. To read more about him, click here.

What are MediaWiki and Miraheze?

MediaWiki is the same technology that powers Wikipedia and Miraheze is a fantastic not-for-profit wikifarm that hosts this wiki—and many more!

Legal Questions

Is everything on Readers Who Know: The Paneidoverse Encyclopedia copyrighted?

Yes, unless stated otherwise. All other content, most specifically information and images pertaining to the project itself, is Copyright © Mar Qaroll with all rights reserved.

Can I use anything on Readers Who Know: The Paneidoverse Encyclopedia?

No, you can not. Legal actions will be taken if this isn't followed.

Wiki Questions

Why can't I edit anything?

This wiki is protected until further notice.

I found a way to edit the pages 😏

The wiki is heavily monitored. Regardless, please, don't edit anything or create new pages unless you know what you're doing.

Which you don't.

So don't.

If I can't edit anything, why do you allow the option to sign up?

There may be some who are interested in the wiki and wish to keep up with new articles, favorite interesting pages, and so forth. Signing up gives this option.