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Creation is all that exists. However, the word "exist" is connected to the word Existence, which in itself is an aspect of Creation within Paneidoverse. Regardless, things that exist are strictly limited to what lies within the Book where the universe is held and weaved. Anything outside of it is entirely unknown, even to Those Who Know.

The Cosmic Septuple

The Cosmic Septuple is the term given to the seven aspects of Creation. Starting from Time and ending with the Forces, they make up all of life, existence, and compositions within the Book.


Time is a fickle element, that of passage and cosmic progress. Without it, nothing in Creation would exist. All of the Weavers came together to create it, but it is too powerful for even them to control as freely as they would wish. Because of this, it is what is called a Misconstrue, a canon creation within the Book that is far more powerful and freer than the Weavers intended or wanted. Some Weavers even call it an Error, a great insult to Creation.

Table of Contents

Main article: Table of Contents

The Table of Contents came into being after Time. Rightfully, it is the index of canon events within the Book starting from the cataclysmic cosmic event known as Day One into Transexistence. No one has ever seen nor has any idea what the Table is, as it is a term coined by the oldest of Those Who Know that has been passed down.


The Script is the language of Creation. It can be considered the "manuscript" of the Book, as it is the narrative of all that exists and what has yet to come into being. It consists of the lives, words, experiences, and stories and every planned aspect of the cosmos the Weavers have made.


Main article: Book

The Book. It is where the language of Creation, the Script, is weaved, and they work in tandem. Some ancient members of Those Who Know have speculated the Book was literally a book of some kind, yet instead of recording written information, it holds the weaves of Creation. In this way, it is more akin to a container than a traditional book.

Existence & Transexistence

These two aspects of Creation are polar opposites of one another. On one side is Existence. It is all that currently is within the Book. Living creatures and indexes within the Table of Contents fall under this aspect. Transexistence is all that has yet to be but will be within the Book, or what is canon. Once more, living creatures and indexes within the Table of Contents fall under this aspect.


Main article: Forces

There are two types of Forces: natural forces and Essences Forces, also known as the Forces of Alignment. The former was made by most Weavers as a collective, whereas the latter was instigated by a single Weaver named the Dissenter.

The Forces of Alignment are also polar opposites. They are the newest aspects of Creation, less than ten billion years old, yet have had a disastrous impact on everything that is and ever will be, as they consist of the forces of Light and Darkness. Balance is the newest, and lesser-known, Force.


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